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Sunday June 24 2018
Information Technology Services

What is Spam Busters?

Spam Busters is a web site with information about U-M’s comprehensive approach to spam management as well as links to tools you can use to reduce the amount of spam in your INBOX.

E-mail delivery is a complex process with many steps -- and many opportunities for reducing spam. This simplified diagram shows some of the steps you can take in a comprehensive effort to reduce spam. Descriptions of steps you can take are below the diagram.

Diagram of mail delivery with anti-spam options

Do Not Spam List

Use this tool to reject mail from known spam sources. (More Info. | Sign Up/Manage Do Not Spam List)

Members-Only and Moderated Groups

Limit who can send mail to your directory groups by making them

  • Members-only. Only the members of the group can send mail to it.
  • Moderated. All mail sent to the group goes to the moderator(s) who then forwards to the group members only the appropriate mail.

SpamBox Content Filtering for Spam

This service allows you to have suspected spam messages put into a SpamBox folder, where you can do a quick check for misplaced messages and then delete the spam. (More Info. | Sign up for SpamBox.)

Your Mail Program's Filters/Rules

Many mail programs include their own spam filters as well as customizable filters or rules for mail management. Some people at U-M have reported that they find the spam filters in Apple's mail application and in Microsoft Outlook 2003, for example, to be very helpful. Other people use rules or filters to sort newsletters or other types of mail into folders. Check the documentation for your mail program for details and instructions.