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Wednesday August 23 2017
Information Technology Services

Welcome to Spam Busters

Spam Busters from ITS provides information about U-M’s comprehensive approach to spam (junk e-mail) management, tools you can use to reduce the amount of spam in your INBOX, and spam prevention tips.

Quick Tip: Don't click links in spam mail

Often the URL you click in a spam message isn't really the URL you see. Depending on the program you use to read your mail, you may be able to see the real URL by using your mouse to position your curser over the URL without clicking it. If you are suspicious of a URL, type it into your web browser by hand instead of clicking the link in the e-mail message.

Departmental Anti-Spam Services

Many U-M units provide their own e-mail and anti-spam services. Please check with your department's information technology help desk to find out what is available to you.